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Your JFP-iC Service Program Cash Flow Hub

 One of the key basics to keeping your financial house in order starts with correct cash-flow management. This ensures you are in full control and managing your affairs with effectiveness and efficiency.

The JFP-SMSF Cash Flow Hub is a is a government guaranteed at call bank account, provided by a leading Australian bank and monitored by JFP in conjunction with our allied financial partners. It’s the heart of your money management and investment portfolio.

Specific streamlined benefits include:

  • Setting-up direct debits and periodical payments

  • Managing and monitoring your investment cash flow online and easily acting on investment opportunities

  • Transferring funds electronically to nominated accounts

  • Automatically transferring your salary and dividend income

  • Competitive interest rate

  • Government guaranteed

  • No online transaction fees

  • At-call access to cash and cheque drafting

View how JFP-iC Service Program Cash Flow Hub works.


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