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Ten key deliverables. Our commitment to you.

The JFP–iC Service Program is underpinned by the fulfilment of ten key deliverables. These comprehensively cover the areas of Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance Planning, Estate Planning and Money Management.

 1. Annual Update of your Financial Pathway 

A complete and thorough annual update of your written comprehensive financial pathway based on our unique Lifetime Modeling System.

2. Development and Monitoring of your Strategy Action Plan

A step-by-step action plan outlining every action item envisaged by our ‘Best in Class’ Subject Matter Experts. This plan is updated prior to your progress meeting three times a year. This includes a simple chronological list of action points required to create the greatest probability that you will stay on track with your financial plan over the years.

3. Progress Reports

This simple summary of your assets is designed to show you the progress you are making towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself

4. Asset, Money Management and General Planning Issues

A comprehensive overview by all managers of your growth assets ensures:

  • Your overall allocation is suitable
  • The right mix of lowest cost, highest quality growth assets
  • Their performance is serving your long-term goals
  • Due diligence of the safety of your assets

Asset & Money Management is ongoing, with progress measured at your progress meeting every four months.

5. Income Tax Projection Before Year-End

Prior to the end of financial year, we will undertake crucial income tax planning to seek ways to reduce taxes and make sure there are no surprises come the financial year-end.

6. Income Tax Review and On-time Lodgement

A Taxation Subject Matter Expert will review your tax return(s) each year before it is lodged to ensure no opportunities are overlooked and there are no ‘red flags’ to the ATO.

7. Estate Planning

Your Estate Plan is reviewed annually taking into account changes to your estate circumstances, desires about the estate and estate tax laws. Once every five years we will ensure you have an Estate Planning Lawyer review your plan. During the first year of our partnership, we will also ensure you have your Estate Plan reviewed by an Estate Planning Lawyer.

8. The Goal Plan 

We are committed to establishing a specific funding plan for every goal you set and to proactively contact you prior to every goal date. To give you an update the accomplishment of each of your goals. 

A written plan for each goal is updated each year when your financial plan is updated. The specific funding plan and recommendations are reviewed 12 months in advance of the goal target date, at one of your regular progress meetings.

9. Cash Reserves and Debt Management

We work with you to establish adequate cash reserves to handle financial issues that come up in life. This involves establishing a debt elimination plan. In the event of buying or refinancing a house, or any other major purchase, this would trigger additional help from us.

Recommendation for funding and maintaining your cash reserves are reviewed and discussed at your progress meetings every four months. Detailed written Cash Reserves and Debt Management Plans are updated annually.

10. The Detailed Cover Review  

This is a comprehensive annual review of all your insurance arrangements. This includes recommending the right types and amounts of insurance, ensuring there are no ‘coverage gaps’ that might endanger the financial plan and also premium reduction evaluations. A helpful Insurance Fact Finder will be sent out to you requesting information before the Detailed Cover Review progress meeting each year. 


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