Who We Help

We provide and deliver the service we promised our clients. We only work with a finite number of clients: we will not be for everyone. During our new client intakes, held twice a year, we seek to establish personal and professional relationships, while exploring the different ways we can provide valuable financial advice.

We also serve clients who come from a diverse range of financial backgrounds, including senior executives, families, business owners and legal professionals. Through strategic investment and the building of mutual trust and understanding, we are able to adapt strategy for any professional.

Should you be interested in assessing if JFP is right for you and you are right for JFP, please contact us and request an initial questionnaire.

Your investment in us

JFP understands fees can have a negative impact on the outcome of a client’s portfolio. We are committed to fair fees. We work primarily on a fixed fee approach, based on a host of services and deliverables which are formally outlined and agreed in our engagement letter. (There are NO investment commissions or percentage-based investment fees).

Transparency over fees and services has been a big problem for the financial planning industry since its inception in the 1990s. This was emphasised by the 2019 Hayne Royal Commission, which stated: “charging commissions or percentage-based fees can only lead to bias and unfulfilled client service expectations.”

Nine years before, in 2010, JFP was one of the few firms to adopt a fixed-fee for service model, an approach which was later recommended in the 2019 Royal Commission. In 2014, our unique fixed-fee approach helped us to win the industry’s Independent Adviser Award.

Who We Help
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